An ambitious and competitive 3x3 Team

Origin of the project

«Unity makes strength»

Initially, we were two organizations with distinct projects created in thesame city, for the same public, finding their ways in the same places tolove the same game: basketball.Afterwards, a mutual respect, a desire to grow and a simple discussionlead the Team 3x3 Brussels and the Ball In Shape organizations to joinforces and to create a common structure: the Team 3x3 BISBRUSSELS.

The players

«Three childhood friends from the same district in Brussels»

Three players from the team started to play basketball in a club together andquickly evolved mostly thanks to the huge amount of time spent on thebasketball courts. Each of them made a name for himself through the clubsand the basketball community both at national and international levels. In2018, the team played its first official FIBA 3X3 tournaments, which beganwith a defeat in final against the Belgian reigning champions. It was the start ofa new era as, since that day, we’ve been winning several championships indifferent countries (Belgium, Switzerland, France) and two of the players havebeen preselected for the Belgian 3x3 national team.

The staff

«The right person at the right place»

The goal is to complete the team while evolving with project. Currently, we are
working with:
The team Manager, Damien TITA
Two coaches, Louis MUGONGO and xxxxx XXXXXX
The head of sponsoring and logistics, Gilles LIESSENS
Their missions are quite clear and specific: they will allow the project to go
forward in under the right conditions.

The Team Manager, Damien TITA 2 coaches


Louis MUGONGO and xxxxx XXXXXX The sponsorship and logistics manager



need you!

Our goal is to participate in as many tournaments as possible during the 2020 season. We plan to do a European tour and qualify for the biggest international tournaments. We have already registered for several competitions in Germany, the Netherlands, France and of course in Belgium. This implies that we will have to account for many expenses such as registration fees, transport, accommodation and other related costs. Depending on our budget, we will be able to participate in a number of tournaments. The more we participate, the more we will increase our chances to qualify for the biggest tournaments in the world.


BE89 3631 3165 2985 ASBL BALL IN SHAPE Koningin Astridstraat 24, 1730 ASSE